Tuesday, February 9, 2010

::smokin aces::::>>>>>>>>

Its nothing to a boss as we would say, So me being the BOSS make it seem so easy to do what I do. But I cant take all the credit myself. Taylor, my vp, is a BEAST when it comes to back up plans. "You always need a plan a, b, & c," she once told me. The new plan is now the one thats gonna make a big difference, new ventures for Jupiter are coming and during both the Grammy's and the Superbowl, I was interviewed over Facebook for the campus newspaper. We wiil be featured but like i said Its nothing to a BOSS. I also discovered an imposter on Faccebook. This "young lady" who I guess is inspired by Jupiter,  decides to make her name on FB "Jupiter," and she is also throwing up our hand sign.... #EPICFAIL. It's flattering but an insult at the same time, WE  came up with this so leave it to us.