Thursday, February 4, 2010

...:::iT'S a mirror iMAGE::>

So just recently my VP Taylor and I were walking on campus to take care of some much needed business when we realized that we (me, her, & Kayla) were almost like Marquis Phifer, Sham Shirley, and Lo. Of course Taylor and I were looking extra spicy that day because we had to meet with a club owner to do future business, while Kayla was having a relax day with Sperry's and a Polo. Although Kayla usually gives us more i'll let her pass since she did have a "HANGOVER" weekend in Houston for her birthday. But look for us at ALL-STAR WEEKEND! Styling and profiling. So look out.. Make sure you catch us if you can we'll be the ones with the yellow caution tape around us making the Fashion House a major hazard.