Saturday, January 23, 2010

...:::Kanye CRACK:::...

So Kanye and Amber Rose were spotted at Paris Fashion Week and Kanye stepped out with a European inspired outfit which was good for 10 lbs (that's a good thing). Kanye's shoes were Christian Louboutin's studded Rollerball loafers which are a part of his men's 2010 collection. What bothers me is that the celebrity gossip blogs are bashing Kanye for his outfit. Well being a stylist and designer the outfit was CRACK. The loafers are priced at $995 and his outfit was nothing shy of the ORIGINAL Kanye which is what is respected about him from us. Unlike a lot of artists out, Kanye really just DGAF, and he does what he wants and does HIM. Kanye's originality and boldness gives him a step up above so many people in the industry right now and we are looking forward to this new album which is rumored that he is working on.

Kanye & Amber: Paris Fashion Week