Tuesday, December 8, 2009

..:::it USually starts SMOKEing after this::>

Meghan is one of the beautiful Jupiter models and we would like to wish her a happy birthday!!

This young man below is an up and coming fashion designer and stylist. His name is Ugo Mozie and as you can tell form the pictures his style is very rugged and "in yo face." Ugo line, AstonMozie, is a reflection of him and his personal style. To get to know him u can follow him on twitter http://twitter.com/ugomozie :

"I am a leader; I don’t walk in the shadow of others. Thanks to God, My dreams, goals, an ambitions are already close to accomplishment.It’s me who I look up to.... Its me who I compare myself to, Its me who I am influenced by.im into God, money, clothes, & women. in that order. in the morning i sip champagne accompanied by Cinnamon toast crunch. i like fashion magazines. i like swagg.Veni Vidi Vici.knowledge & business i adore. focused man. i enjoy the finer things in life.My favorite chill place is Roscos. i get haircuts every Mondays & Trims on Thursdays.im not really into academics. i failed math, but I passed the Mercedes M-Class.I live in NYC Im in LA every other month and Africa every other year.i work better under pressure; pressure either bust pipes or make diamonds.My father once looked at me and said "you are not a superstar, you're a doctor". so i gave myself a time limit on my success. i can't quit now, cus' too much money is invested in me. google me. if nothing came back, i need to work harder... ....Success..."success is not the key to happiness. happiness is the key to success. Therefore, If you love what you are doing you will be sucessful."- Ugo Mozie

Well in other news... Today is December 8, 2009, the long anticipated date for the releas of Grafitti by Chris Brown. Chris has totally evolved on this album with more mature songs and an even more mature style in his wardrobe. It seems that since the incident with former girlfriend Rihanna, Chris has become more of a man. We are big fans and followers of Brown and his career and we are truly glad to see him come back strong from such a devastating hit to his career and reputation. Since the "Run It" days chris has always been a heart throb as many may say but now Chris has brought himself into a whole new light and We believe everyone should respect that he is trying to fix what happend and learn from his actions. We all know that no one is perfect and that there are always three sides to a story.. what he said, what she said, and the truth. So please dont let this talent go to waste due to a young mistake that many have done but have not been as badly criticized for it as he have. So we at Jupiter would like to congradulate Chris Brown on his third album and we would like for everyone to go and buy it and support him. By the way it's BOMB!