Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sweetest Sin ;-)

There's one in particular that has had all eyes on her since a specific incident. Some would say she's the IT girl and others may disagree. Well IT girl or not Rihanna is one of the best dressed celebrities EVER! What we at Jupiter respect about Miss Fenty is that she isn't afraid to test the waters. Her style is one of a kind and almost resembles the awesome style of Grace Jones. Rihana is a very daring dresser, meaning she takes risk and doesn't give 2 s**ts about it. Although going through a trying ordeal with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown (whom we at Jupiter also love and support) Rihanna has begun to step out of the box and bring out her true self. Right now Rihanna's single "Russian Roullet" has sparked abit of controversy with little miss Tiffany Evans, Ne-Yo, and Omarion also speaks out on the song. Tiffany Evans who's only had 1 single to make it (but is very talented) is criticizing and making rants over the song for publicity.... Silly rabbit tricks are for kids.. But Chuck Harmony, who is one of the producer of the song responds to Tiffany's rant by calling her "childish" and says that Tiffany should not be considered an "artist." Well how about you guys judge for yourself.

Rihanna - ‘Russian Roulette’ Lyrics

Take a breath, take it deep
Calm yourself, he says to me
If you play, you play for keeps
Take a gun, and count to three
I’m sweating now, moving slow
No time to think, my turn to go

[Chorus --]
And you can see my heart beating
You can see it through my chest
And I’m terrified but I’m not leaving
Know that I must must pass this test
So just pull the trigger

Say a prayer to yourself
He says close your eyes
Sometimes it helps
And then I get a scary thought
That he’s here means he’s never lost


As my life flashes before my eyes
I’m wondering will I ever see another sunrise?
So many won’t get the chance to say goodbye
But it’s too late too pick up the value of my life